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By leveraging TOS’ extensive network of the world’s greatest tutors developed over decades of working in private tuition, and applying a rigorous selection process, TOS ensures that you are only matched with tutors that have exceptional subject knowledge and outstanding communication skills.

Mentors/Role Models

We know just how important the tutor-student relationship is, and have an expert team dedicated to matching students with tutors based on your child’s learning needs, personality and interests to ensure your child is motivated and excited to learn.

Training & Support

We believe that there are as many ways to learn as there are people on the planet. Our tutors have to keep up with the latest pedagogy and teaching tech-niques in order to have the right tools to support every student that they meet. Our tutors take part in training sessions to make sure they're using the most up to date teaching methodologies.

Flexible & Reliable

We pride ourselves on flexibility. If you'd like to reschedule a lesson, we'll take care of it on our online platform. Want to add more subjects or students? You can do so in a matter of minutes. We ensure that substitute tutors are provided to cover things like holidays and sickness, so your child will never have to miss a lesson.

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Carl Morris

Director of Studies

Having devoted his professional life to education, Carl is an enthusiastic educator with a wealth of experience as the Head of a leading British Boarding school and managing tuition businesses worldwide. Carl knows what it takes to build educational programs that are engaging, relevant, and personalised. He holds a Master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Sarah Henderson

English & Humanities Tutor

Sarah is an experienced and engaging tutor capable of bringing traditional subjects to life and developing intellectual curiosity in her students. Sarah studied English Literature at Durham University, University College, and is passionate about Women’s Literature.

Jake Morris

Science & Maths Tutor

As a STEM Tutor at The Online School Jake is responsible for developing engaging lessons that inspire a love of learning. Jake studied Physics at Durham University, University College and is particularly excited about recent developments in Nuclear Fusion.

James Alexander

Science & Maths Content Creator

James studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, Homerton College and has worked in education for his entire professional career. He has supported students from a variety of backgrounds to achieve their ambitions, and is an agile tutor experienced in adapting courses to suit every student’s learning ability, pace, and interests.



"Three hours with a tutor is like a week in school - I learnt so much, so quickly."


“I don't know what kind of magic you do, but it worked! Thank you!”


“96% of our pupils improve overall exam performance after time spent with our tutors.”


“Not only are we delighted with our son's results, but we are hugely impressed with how much he has grown, how much he has learned about himself.”


“Homeschooling with you gave my children their childhood back.”


“From start to finish, everyone has been outstanding and we are extremely grateful for your expertise and really positive approach.”


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