Travelling, full-time homeschooling, or looking for a more flexible education? We can find the right residential tutor for you.

Whether preparing for an exam, moving abroad or travelling at a critical time in your child’s academic development, residential tutoring is rapidly becoming a preferred solution for many families. With decades of experience matching tutors to learners, our team are experts in ensuring the right fit for you and your family. Through continued support both academically and pastorally we ensure that learners have a unique and transformative educational experience that nurtures a passion for lifelong learning.


Explore the world with your family


Broaden horizons with a curriculum personalized to you


Take advantage of exciting locations to bring education to life


Self-paced learning ensures no child is left behind


Build confidence with world class educators


Holiday tutors

From yachts to city breaks,  take your tutor with you to learn more about the world and ignite a love for learning.

Crash courses

Prepare for exams, or bridge knowledge gaps with our intensive programmes.


Looking for an alternative to traditional schooling? Our residential tutors can bring education to life and unlock your child’s potential.

Athletes, Actors and Artists

For students who have other commitments a residential tutor can work around your schedule.

Learn how we select tutors, what qualifications are required, and up to how much you can earn.